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Post-Show Report of Flower Expo Asia 2020

Author:未知 Source:  Updated:2020-08-10 14:08:02 
Post-Show Report of Flower Expo Asia 2020   Flower Expo Asia 2020, the show upgrading form the former Flower Expo China, was successfully staged this August 3rd-5th at China Import & Export Fair Complex,

Post-Show Report of Flower Expo Asia 2020


Flower Expo Asia 2020, the show upgrading form the former Flower Expo China, was successfully staged this August 3rd-5th at China Import & Export Fair Complex, committing to being the most professional flower expo in Asia and unveiling post-pandemic industry trends for worldwide flower planters, distributors, floral product suppliers!


A Package of Brands Showcased With Worldwide Flowers.

As the most-anticipated flower show, Flower Expo Asia 2020 has been a magnet of varied industry players, including Hongyue, Shengyin, Weishi and other potted plant & flower giants, nursery container and florist supplies from Huanmei, Jiesheng, Rong Long, Hongxing Agriculture, Yawa, Caizhipen, and so on, fresh-cut flowers from 24 Floral, Delifor, Yihe, Lynch, Bailixin, Hasfarm, Aibida, De Ruiter and the like, and growing media made by Kronen, Garden Bee, etc.

Preserved flowers and mosses remained the shining stars among all on-site products, delivering a complete industry chain with dozens of floral design companies like Pakei, Gardenmen, Fan Floral, Flower Forever, etc. Locating at Guangdong, China’s biggest manufacturers of plotted plants, the Show also gathered pools of business chances for companies of florist supplies.     














Meanwhile, members from various professional associations, including Guangdong Wedding Trade Association, Orchid Industry National Innovation Alliance, Guangdong Flowers Association, Japan Floriculture Export Association, etc., had showcased with their featured products!

Sincere Thanks to Our Advisor Team!

         ▪ Ruchun Ecological Group                             ▪ Guangdong Flowers Association

▪ Hongyue Horticultural Corporation                ▪ Foshan Qiqiao Horticulture Co., Ltd. 

▪ Guangzhou Yasheng Horticulture Co., Ltd.    ▪ Guangzhou Brighten Horticulture Co., Ltd.

▪ Shanghai Hezhong International Co., Ltd.   

▪ Guangdong Shengyin Flowers & Gardening Co., Ltd.

▪ Guangzhou Flowers and Plant Company       

▪ Kunming Rijkland Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

▪ Guangzhou Fangcun Xinji Flower & Gardening Confluence

▪ Qianxinan Green Animal and Plant Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.


Global Lockdown Made E-commerce the Red-hot Topic in Flower Industry.

Shutdown of offline business in the first half of 2020 pushed more flower suppliers to turn their eyesight to online business. Catching the rising tide of e-commerce, Flower Expo Asia 2020 stressed more on online florists by cooperating with online platforms like 24 Flora, Huaeb, etc.

Another buzzword in the 2020 show is Home Gardening, as exhibit analysis showed that, more and more enterprises are trying to develop the related product lines for occupying a seat in the home gardening sector.















More Professional Purchasers, More Cooperation.  

This year, 25641 visitors, covering growers, flower shops, flower designers, gift suppliers, interior design companies, home decoration, planters, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, importers, property management, real estate agencies, associations, and so on, also visited Flower Expo Asia 2020 in person.

Post-show survey showed that each exhibitor had received dozens of professional buyers daily. The active participation of landscape engineering companies also brought numerous sourcing demand for potted plants, irrigation, nutrient soil, and many other necessary materials.











Great Demand for Overseas Flowers was Revealed On-site!

As a flower trade show with great international-appeal, Flower Expo Asia is considered, by many local distributors, as a prefect overseas flowers sourcing channel, where suppliers of varied overseas flowers meeting with Pearl River Delta’s huge imported flower demand. Flower Expo Asia has free them from souring flower aboard in person, as one exhibitor Mr. Flower said, adding that they are waiting for the presence of overseas exhibitors in the 2021 Show.  


China 'Florist+' Conference 2020


As a mega-hit event of the Show, China 'Florist+' Conference 2020 converged professionals from prominent brands and associations to provide insight into various cross-industry cooperation possibilities of flower shops, paving the way for industry players to welcome the coming Chinese Valentine's Day.




 All 500 seats were filled while many other visitors standing for catching all wonderful speeches! A galaxy of praise were received along with many visitor’s advising to extend the one-day meeting.

Hongyue Flower, China’s biggest floral importer and online horticulture product retailer with 750,000 customers and branches in US, Australia, Japan, etc., talked about the “Promising Future of Gardening Economy”.

Overseas representatives were also invited to share industry observations online, such as Japan Floriculture Export Association, sharing with the topic of “Pandemic’s Impacts on Japan’s Flower Industry” to spark more thinking of every listener.

“The whole event was so successful, professional, and meaningful,  providing us a way to explore the current status of China’s flower industry. It was amazing!”
——Mrs. Zhou, Representative of Dummen Orange's Marketing Department in China 

Guangzhou International Flower Arrangement Show 2020


As another shining concurrent activity of Flower Expo Asia, Guangzhou International Flower Arrangement Show 2020 also gathered numerous footprints.


Compared with past editions, the Flower Arrangement Show this year prepared a fresh guest lineup - all floral designers came from China! Meanwhile, the adding of commercial bouquets harvested lots of praises for sparking inspiration for the upcoming Chinese Valentine's Day.

While the 2020 show marked a wonderful ending, Flower Expo Asia 2021 is preparing itself for next industry party. In 2021, companies from Japan Floriculture Export Association, and countries like Ecuador, Colombia, Italy, will showcase in person with their star products. Mark the date to meet with them next year! For more information, please visit the official website or contact Mrs. Mae Law at email: or mobile/whatsapp:+8618825043797.