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Exhibition Scope
1.Flowers: fresh cut flower,          including the rose, China rose, tulips, chrysanthemum, violet, African chrysanthemum, carnation, lily, cattleya, amaryllis and etc; 
2. Potted flowers:  orchid, daffadilly, poinsettia, hyacinth, anthurium, peony, herbaceous flowers, pineapple flowers, succulent plants, etc
3.Florist supplies:  dried flower, artificial flower, flower arrangement appliance, decorative plant, etc;
4.Flowerpot,  vase, artificial plant, floral design, home decorations, etc;
5.Garden tool,  garden machinery, irrigation facilities, flower refrigeration and preservation technology & equipment, pesticide, fertilizer, peat soil, etc;
6. Garden supplies:  wooden house, wood plastic product, fountain landscape, rockery, sculpture, fence, outdoor furniture, swing, garden tables and chairs, landscape light, mosquito trap, indicators, garbage bin, flower racks, gardening appliance, etc.