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Flower Expo China  | The only Professional Flower Exhibition in the South China
1. Please sent the exhibiting product, and company license. The organizing committee will check it and pass if you are the industry professional company.
2. Please confirm the stand type and how many square meters your company would like to book, then the organizing committee will sent the Floor Plan and choose a good location for your reference.
3.After confirm stand location, please fill out the Exhibitor Contract carefully with company stamp.
4. The exhibition fee must be transferred to the appointed account within five working days after the exhibition application is confirmed.  
5. After the booth is confirmed, Exhibitor Manual will be sent to exhibitors, the content of which  includes how to transport exhibits, hotel information, facility rent and other relavant information. 
6. The Organizing Committee will arrange booths according to the principle of  “first apply, first arrange, first pay, first confirm”. During the exhibition, the Organizing Committee will give the invoices to exhibitors uniformly.